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1. Begin by applying an eye primer to your eyelids to establish an even and solid base for your eyeshadow. If you don't have a primer on hand, you can use concealer as an alternative.

2. Select the color "Lazy" and apply it along the lash line to lay the foundation. This step will help create smooth transitions between the different shadows.

3. Create a V shape with the color "Lasting" between the outer upper lash line and the brow line. This technique adds depth to your look.

4. Sweep the same color along the upper lash line in a smooth motion, aiming for a subtly smoky effect.

5. Use a thin brush to apply the same color along the upper lash line, as if you were applying eyeliner. This gives the eye a more defined shape.

6. To give the look a warmer tone, apply the color "Loyal" to the inner half of the brow line.

7. With a gentle touch, lightly sweep some of the color "Lust" all over the lid to add extra dimension.

8. Create a small and well-defined wing in the inner corner of the eye using the color "Lasting".

9. Use a clean brush to gently apply some of the color "Lasting" along the lower lash line. Start from the outer edge and stop just before the inner wing for a balanced effect.


Lazy, Logic, Loyal, Lust & Lasting

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