LOWD Cosmetics

LOWD Cosmetics is a Swedish makeup brand founded by makeup artist Felicia Aveklew. LOWD was launched in March 2023 after two years of intensive work.

Each product is carefully produced by Felicia herself, with a focus on the best possible quality. What used to be found only in professional makeup artists' kits can now become part of your own toiletry kit.

We want to inspire creativity and self-expression, while striving to transform the makeup industry from the ground up. Sustainability permeates everything we do, from ingredients and packaging to our marketing.

Felicia Aveklew

Felicia started her first blog in 2011. Since then, she has built a creative empire with a quarter of a million followers on Instagram, nearly 200,000 subscribers and over 46 million views on YouTube.

In 2016, Felicia became a certified makeup artist and since then she has educated and inspired a wide audience via her channels. Today, she is one of Sweden's leading voices in make-up and beauty.



As an influencer and makeup artist, Felicia tested new makeup products daily. Yet there was almost never a product that had it all: good quality, reasonable price, and ethical and sustainable focus. In addition, she became increasingly aware of the overwhelming amount of packaging material that was thrown away without any thought to the environmental consequences.

These insights and experiences drove Felicia to start her own makeup brand. By creating LOWD, she was finally able to combine the factors that were important to her: superior quality, reasonable pricing, fair production and consideration for the environment. The goal of LOWD is to offer products that not only do the job – and do it really well – but also contribute to a more caring cosmetics industry.

LOWD Timeline

We have had an exciting journey over the past two years. Here are some of our milestones so far.

Factory dating

The team went to Milan to discuss the creation of the very first products.

The first shades

It was tested, tested and tested some more to produce the perfect first shades.


After a cracking release party at ART in Stockholm, LOWD was launched on March 1, 2023.

1st Community Shoot

At the end of March, we had our first community photo shoot with Märta and Emma.

Pop-up shop

In May, we had our first LOWD Pop-up shop at Hilma together with exciting profiles.