Mascara Tips & Tricks


Explore 5 unique looks inspired by new techniques and styles!


Lighter color towards the corner of the eye gives the illusion of larger, more open eyes while defining the outer shadows. Earthy and natural shades like Liar and Lasting are perfect for looks that should stretch from morning to evening.


You can turn our eyeshadows into eyeliners by mixing them with setting spray or a mixing medium. Apply with a thin brush for graphic liner and add a lighter shade underneath for extra effect.


A colorful eyeshadow is a perfect accessory to a black outfit. Try applying Longing all over the eyelid, with darker, thin lines along the lash line and wing. You can also mix our shadows for different shades.


Who doesn't feel like a Hollywood star in a smoky cat-eye? Vary the black with shades of brown for more depth, and dare to shade outside the globe line for a more dramatic effect. Bright colors in the middle open up the eyes.


Our Natural Mascara gives you the perfect "Girl Next Door" look. Build volume and length by letting layers dry between applications. Also try the subtle shade Logic for subtle definition and warmth.

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