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Eyeshadow Brushes

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Introducing a versatile trio of eyeshadow brushes, this set is tailored to cater to all your eye makeup needs. These brushes boast a sleek and lightweight design, making them a perfect fit for your makeup bag or handbag, whether you're at home or on the go.

Crafted with vegan fibers that are soft and gentle on the skin, these brushes prioritize both performance and comfort. The handles, made from 100% recycled aluminum and plastic, are thoughtfully designed for long-lasting durability, ensuring they serve you faithfully for many years to come.

Areas of use

• E1 – Small Round Brush: Perfect for adding color to the inner corner of the eye, blurring harsh lines and applying shadow to the lower lash line. Can also be used to highlight the brow bone.

• E2 – Fluffy, square brush: Ideal for packing any shade on the lid and blending out. Versatile tool for easy eyeshadow application.

• E3 – Standard, round brush: Excellent for applying and blending shadows in the outer corner of the eye and the eye line. Can also be used to blur unwanted lines for a flawless finish.

Tips & Tricks

• Clean your brushes regularly. Not only does it make them stay nice longer, but you will also notice a difference in your make-up! In addition, it is much better for the skin.

• See our page Inspiration for more tips and tutorials.

    Eyeshadow Brushes
    Eyeshadow Brushes
    Eyeshadow Brushes
    • Vegan

    • Cruelty-free

    • Recycled material

    • Versatile colors

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